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Critical Thinking (a.k.a. Argument: A Field Guide and This Thing Called Science)   Two series totalling twelve animations for the Department of Industry and TechNyou as part of a public outreach and education resource designed to help people think through applications of technology. The challenge was to make the philosophy of science relevant for a diverse audience.

Our limited colour palette with a look somewhere between Saul Bass and Dick Bruna provided broad appeal. The series was picked up by international press including Brainpickings and Wired, gathering well over a million views on YouTube. Series 2 (This Thing Called Science) won best animation in the 2013 Scinema.

Explanovision is based in Melbourne, Australia and managed by James Hutson.

Contact us on james@explanovision.com or +61 405 131 747 and follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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